Woodbridge Mighty Viking Band

Drum Majors Past (2003 season) - UNC @ VT 11/26/05
For our Band Alumni who are now Hokies!!

Emma, Class of 2005, with her parents attend
Auburn @ University of Kentucky Football 11-05-05

Brother & Sister Mihalisko 10/01/05
Charlottesville Performance
Jen, Class of 2002, with her RA Staff at JMU

Your are an alumni and want to be included? Send me your information and/or pictures to papab@bayne.us.

Alumni Photos/Videos

The former head of protocol for Saddam Hussein spoke in Burruss Hall at Virginia Tech on Feb. 22, 2005; Larissa Mihalisko, former Drum Major from Woodbridge High School, is quoted in this article.

Larissa visiting her Dad in Prague ... Summer 2004
More photos from Larissa ... one of the best Woodbridge Marching Band Drum Majors Ever!

Resident Advisor Jen Kim (middle) sponsors a community program for resident advisors at James Madison University on 12-3-04 (photo includes Resident Advisor Aaron and Program Advisor Erin).

Cristina @ Bush Rally in St. Paul on Oct. 9, 2004.

Hokie Fun! (Christine & Larissa) Hokie Flight!

Homecoming -Virginia Tech vs Florida A & M
10-16-04 (btw ... anyone notice that Virginia got "Chopped Up" by Florida State! ~ wink wink~)

We love our Mighty Vikings @ Virginia Tech !!!!!

West Virgina University Drumline 2004 featuring Brandon Neal!

Former Mighty Vikings are in this VT Band video ... do you recongnize them?

George Ruwisch performs in UVA's new marching band at home football game on 9/11/04.

Alison & Zane Portland Summer 2004 Pic1 Pic2

Alison & Shay visit Papa & MommaB on 8/29/04.

Chad Kreider returns from his trip to Australia (summer 2004).

In our efforts to bring you the latest news on our alumni we have scooped pictures of former drum majors Liz & Jen vacationing in Miami!

Visit Zane Kreider's website.

Here some some of our former Woodbridge Vikings attending a Va Tech at Pittsburg football game on Nov. 8, 2003 representing the Va Tech Marching Band ... Do you know who they are?

Cristina Krenik & Christ Bloomstrom send pictures of The Ice Palace at downtown St. Paul, MN near the Excel Eergy Center.

Alison Sweet & her Mom, Lael, send photos greetings from Oregon, 1 Jan 2004.

Christi Bloomstrom sends photos greetings from Bethel College in St. Paul, Minnesota, 2 Dec 2003.

Adam & Jen Kim, Nov 2003

Cristina Krenik sends pictures from Bethel College, Nov 2003..

Christi Bloomstrom visits Brandon at West Point Plebe Parent Weekend, Oct 2003

Matt McPherson wins Drum and Bugal Corps Competition on 10/3/03, the night before Air Force - Navy Football Game (Matt, Katherine and sister Lauren).

Carita Bouffard has provided some photos from the years 1996 thru 2000.

Band Alumni

Lana Arthur
Christi Bloomstrom
Carita Bouffard
Chris Burton

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Brian Costello
Tim Fahy
Ashley Harbison
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Kevin Ingerson
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Cristina Krenik
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Scott Nadeau
Brandon Neal
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Amanda Strand
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